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Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones
From Unnecessary Burns

Your kitchen is the most dangerous room in your house. That's why we designed the NuWave PIC with your safety in mind.
Here are just a few of the ways you'll help keep your family, friends, and yourself safe...

  • Cool Cooking Surface - The induction reaction generates heat directly in the cookware itself. That means virtually no wasted heat around the cookware, so the rest of the NuWave PIC's surface remains cool to the touch. This eliminates accidental burns, plus allows you to grab the cool handles easily without oven mitts!
  • Heat transfers directly from the PIC to the pot and very little heat is wasted!
  • No Fires - No open flames or hot coils virtually eliminates the chance of stove top fires, which account for 57% of all kitchen fires and 87% of all fire deaths, according to the National Fire Protection Association.
  • Shuts Off When The Pan Comes Off - Ever forget to turn off the burner after you take the pan off? We all have. Luckily the NuWave PIC instantly turns off the heat the moment you remove the pan, making it one of the safest cooking methods available today.

Did you know you can set an induction cooktop to 500°F, place an ice cube on its surface and the ice won't melt? That's because induction technology works by ONLY heating the cookware while the rest of the cooktop stays cool to the touch!

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Make Cooking A Fun, Enjoyable Experience... Not A Stressful Chore!

You have enough to worry about. Cooking should be fun and relaxing not stressful! Our customers tell us the NuWave PIC has completely transformed the way they cook, giving them a new passion for cooking. Here's what you'll love about it...

  • Multitask - Because you can set precise temperatures and time the food, you can walk away knowing it will get cooked perfectly. Or, use it as an addition to your stove top as an extra burner, perfect for sauces, boiling pasta or steaming vegetables. The possibilities are endless!
  • Compact Size - You can easily place it on your counter or in your cupboards when not in use. Customers with smaller kitchens rave about how convenient the NuWave PIC is. Many customers completely shut off their stove tops!
  • Virtually No Cleaning - Because the outside cooking surface stays cool to the touch, spills won't burn or stick to the ceramic glass surface. A simple wipe with a damp paper towel and your cleaning is done!
  • Portable - You can cook anywhere you have an outlet. This is perfect for taking it outdoors for parties, entertaining guests with fondues or dips in your living room or dining room, in garages to watch sports with your friends, or anywhere else you see fit!
  • “My stovetop is a glass top burner type which is horrible to clean and spatters always burned on it. So, I set this cooktop on top of my stovetop and it is all I use to cook on. It is so easy to clean, any spatters wipe off easily - no burned on mess to have to scrub off.”

  • “The Nuwave PIC is super portable too, and that can be handy for serving/cooking at the table, camping and vacation homes. I gave one to some friends of mine who have a RV and they liked it so well that they got another!”

Cook With The Skill Of A Professional Chef Regardless Of Your Cooking Experience...

Learning to become a great chef normally takes years of practice, and many people struggle to achieve consistent results. The NuWave PIC eliminates years of practice, giving you perfectly cooked meals every time, regardless of your current skill level.

  • Precise Temperature Control - Great cooks know that temperature control is the key to great cooking. With the NuWave PIC you can control the temperature from 100F to 575F in 10-degree increments. This is the same induction technology used by the world top chefs who pay $5,000+ to achieve perfect cooking, every single time. Plus, we'll even give you a full booklet of recipes with precise temperatures and cooking times so you can make perfectly cooked meals from day 1, even if you have little or no cooking experience!
  • “Bought the Nuwave PIC last year and haven't used the stove since. This cooktop is not only safe, but can sear a steak like the best steakhouses can. This cooktop is very precise. I never overcooked or burnt any food item cooked on it. I highly recommend it.”

  • “I am using this cooktop for every meal. Breakfast? Whip some eggs up and they are done before the hashbrowns. Lunch? Grilled cheese and soup in about five minutes. Dinner? Get out the double boiler because we're having a feast, all on one little amazing device.”

5 More Reasons
To Become The "Family Hero"
With The NuWave PIC Today...

Many of our customers rarely use their stovetop anymore. Why? Besides the reasons we already mentioned, here are 5 more reasons you'll love the NuWave PIC...

  • Healthy - Cooking at precise temperatures means you can use oil at the perfect temperature. Too low and your food becomes soggy and soaked with high-calorie oil. Too high and the oil burns, releasing cancer-causing carcinogens which absorb into your food. Plus our unique non-stick cookware allows you to cook with less oil so you save calories!
  • Saves Money - Because the heat transfers directly to your pan and not outside the pan, it's been proven to reduce energy costs by an astonishing 70%. Some customers are saving $50+ per month on their electric bills!
  • Saves Time - Because 100% of the energy is transferred to your cookware, the NuWave PIC heats up to 50% faster than traditional cooktops. You can boil water in as little as 90 seconds, and never burn food again with our precision temperature control so no more wasted meals!
  • 90-Day Guarantee & 1-Year Warranty - You'll have a full 90 days to test out the NuWave PIC to make sure you absolutely love it. If for any reason it's not for you, send it back within 90 days for a full refund. Plus it comes with a full 1-year warranty!
  • Precision Cooking Club - Get free access to our thriving, family-like community where individuals like yourself get together to share recipes, successes and questions with the NuWave PIC. Plus you'll get exclusive recipes from Executive Chef Bobby. Chef Bobby has worked with celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay and also earned a Michelin Star. At the famed Italian Village in Chicago Chef won the prestigious Italian Quality Seal Award.
  • “Bought this for cooking lunch in the kitchen at our business. It's awesome! Now we can cook up healthy lunches easily and don't have to rely on microwave meals.”

  • “I love to cook with this device. It's fast and easy and it saves energy. I can take uncooked food to work and prepare lunch in a wonderfully fresh way.”

How can a simple cooktop change the nutritional content of food so much?

Much like how the boiling point is the temperature water turns into steam, the smoke point is where liquid oil turns into gas. When this happens, the fat in the oil begins to break down and turn into a vapor. Unfortunately, the so-called “good” fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat don’t stand up to heat as well as “bad” fats such as saturated and trans-fats. So those good fats break down first, leaving the bad fats in your food.

With the NuWave PIC, you can set a precise cooking temperature between 100°F and 575°F, ensuring your cooking oil never exceeds its smoke point, resulting in healthier meals!

So, what are the smoke points for some common cooking oils? Here's a handy chart to use when you cook your next meal.



Extra-light olive oil


Pomace olive oil


Virgin olive oil


Low acidity extra-virgin olive oil


Extra-virgin olive oil


Canola oil(refined retail variety)


Canola oil(expeller pressed)


Coconut oil(refined retail variety)


Coconut oil(unrefined)


Palm oil


Corn oil(refined retail variety)


Peanut oil(refined retail variety)


Safflower oil(refined retail variety)


Soybean oil(refined retail variety)


Sunflower oil(refined retail variety)


Hazelnut oil


Walnut oil(refined retail variety)


Walnut oil(unrefined)


Hemp oil


Peanut oil(unrefined)


Flaxseed oil


Safflower oil(unrefined)


Sunflower oil(unrefined)



  • BUSY FAMILIES so you can create picture-perfect meals, every time, in just a fraction of the time, with almost no clean up!

  • HOMECOOKS who want to advance years in skills, instantly. The precise temperature control puts you on the same playing field as professional chefs!

  • ANYONE WITH A ROOMMATE OR SIGNIFICANT OTHER who wants easier, faster, safer, healthier, better tasting food

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In Beautiful, 100% Safe, Non-Stick Cookware...


We want to keep you and your family SAFE while keeping you stress-free with little to no clean up. That's why we've created the most innovative, breakthrough, non-stick ceramic coating on the market.

This unique ceramic coating is a new revolution in non-stick technology. Here's how it compares to the outdated, unsafe technology used in most non-stick cookware today...


Other non-stick coatings are filled with harmful, cancer-causing chemicals that release into your families food when cooked at high temperatures. Duralon is 100% free of these dangerous chemicals so you can keep your family safe!

Lasts Longer

While the coating on other non-stick cookware begins to break down after frying less than 100 eggs, our Duralon Non-Stick Coating has been tested and proven to fry over 10,000 eggs without breaking down, all without any added fats or oils.

We'll include several of our most popular cookware items. Once you use these pans, you'll refuse to use anything else! Here's everything you'll receive when you order today...

TWO 1300W NuWave PIC2s(Value = $199.99)

Start preparing all of your meals faster and more efficiently with by getting two revolutionary NuWave PICs for the price of one – just cover separate S&P.

FREE 9" Duralon Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan (Value = $29.99)

Prepare everything from omelets to sauces to vegetables without adding any extra fat or oil.

FREE 10.5" Duralon Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan (Value = $39.99)

Prepare everything from stir-fries to pancakes to sauces without adding any extra fat or oil.

FREE 3.5QT Stainless Steel Pot & Fondue Kit(Value = $64.99)

Cook your favorite rice, pasta sauces and even fondue with this versatile, durable pot and fondue kit.

FREE Stainless Steel Steamer Basket & Premium Lid(Value = $64.99)

Steam your favorite vegetable s & cover your culinary creations with these complements to your cookware.


Act Now & Get $200 In Gifts…FREE!

Order The NuWave PIC Today and Change The Way You Cook Forever

Be the next person to join our amazing community of over 3 MILLION customers from all around the world. Here's everything you'll receive when you order today...

TWO NuWave PIC 2s


9” Duralon Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan


10.5” Duralon Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan


3.5QT Stainless Steel Pot & Fondue Kit


Stainless Steel Steamer Basket & Premium Lid




3 Installments of $33.33 + S&P

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